The Talking Cure

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“The Talking Cure” takes its name from Sigmund Freud’s original description of psychoanalysis. Stern made twelve sculptures- some of the folks living in her brain made real. She then asked twelve writers- poets, novelists, screenwriters, and playwrights- to each chose a sculpture to which they related most intimately. Each wrote his or her imagined monologue of the goings on in the sculpture’s mind.

The next step in the process was to find twelve actors and have them each record one of the monologues. With minimum direction from Stern, they spoke their interpretations of the written pieces that had in turn been inspired by each sculpture. It’s been like a game of “whisper down the lane” with each participant interpreting what they see or read and giving each next step a little tweak of their own.

The audio recordings were digitally coded and sent up onto the cloud. Each piece was assigned a QR Code digital marker. When you point your smart phone at the code it triggers the audio.

And now, by looking, reading and listening to the work, you too will become part of the collaboration.

Please go to the BOOK tab for the QR codes and full text of the Talking Cure.

Have a look at the VIDEO tab for a sampling of voices, words and images for each piece.